Of course not! We all like to believe that we treat others fairly and equally. But is it really true? Here's a great opportunity for you: If you upload the first and last names of your LinkedIn contacts, we will use our amazing AI machine to analyze your network. Using advanced machine learning techniques, we are able to predict the gender and ethnicity of the people in your network 98% accurately!

Ready to take the test? Please upload a .csv file with the first- and last names of all the contacts in your network. You can download this information from your own LinkedIn account by following the following three easy steps:

Step 1: Request a .csv of your network from LinkedIn as using this . link. Be sure to scroll down to the "Download your data" and select the "Connections" checkbox.

Step 2: Check your e-mail and download the .csv which LinkedIn sent you (we only need first & last names, so feel free to delete anything else you don't want to share)

Step 3: Return to this page and upload your .csv file below!